Sunday, 14. July 2019

Promised Messiah

One of our Campus Ministry interns, Jordan Peralta, preaches on the importance of knowing the Messia...
Sunday, 7. July 2019

Self Declare

Jesus’ “I am” statements helped his followers identify with him. However, a careful dive shows there...
Sunday, 30. June 2019

The Real You - Integrity

If we want to do what is right in the sight of God and other people, we have to be intentional when ...
Sunday, 23. June 2019

A Generous Life

"When you live generously, your generosity will outlive you."
Sunday, 16. June 2019

Generous Encouragement

One of our greatest powers we have is the ability to encourage. Take the encouragement God has given...
Sunday, 9. June 2019

In His Footsteps

Do you have a desire to know the stories of the bible more than you already think you do? KJ shares ...
Sunday, 26. May 2019

Too Good To Be True

Jesus paid the debt for us, and this good news is not too good to be true, but just true. Lets fix o...
Sunday, 12. May 2019

Mother's Day

A small group of disciples share about what being mother / their own mothers mean to them and how Go...